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"Fashion is a moving target. 
Style, on the other hand, is always in style." 


What's in a name? 
Necklace lengths are varied and should always be considered prior to purchase. A few important factors include clothing necklines as well as body measurements. A deep V-neck might clash with a Rope Length chain whereas a turtle neck would be restricting if accessorized with a Collar or Choker length. Also, not all necks and d├ęcolletage are created equal. A simple strand can look great on one person and not so great on another. Finally, the most important factor to consider is personal preference. A slender neck might appear to be a perfect candidate for a Collar or Choker but would be a miserable piece for a person who prefers less constriction. How should you decide the best length for you?

  • Consider the most common neckline in your wardrobe.
  • Decide whether the accessory is to be a bold statement piece or a simple glimpse.
  • Use a strand of yarn or similar material to drape various lengths around your neck until you      find the length that satisfies every factor mentioned. 

      At, we use the following Necklace Length Styles:

                         Women                                               Men

  •           Choker: 14-16"                                      Small: 18"
  •           Princess: 17-19"                                    Medium: 19-20"
  •           Matinee: 20-24"                                     Large: 24" and up
  •           D├ęcolletage: 25-27"
  •           Opera: 28-34"
  •           Ionian: 35-36"
  •           Rope: 37" and up