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t e u k  o o t e n  j e w e l r y
handmade custom designs
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Proud that our products are made in the USA, teuk ooten jewelry is a business that started from the love of creation. It began with our artist (yes, her name is teuk!) and her creation of clothes for herself and eventually her daughters and later generations.  While she may not admit it, her theory has always been "no pattern is good enough unless I change......." and behold, an artist is born. 

How does a person transition from clothing to jewelry? It starts with a talent. Let's face it, most people can thread a needle but how many can stitch the finest thread into lace while calculating bead count and weight? From that talent, teuk has proven that practice makes perfect and decades later, we are proud to present teuk ooten jewelry. 

With so many jewelry makers in the world today, what makes teuk ooten jewelry unique? The answer is simply: Because everything we make is unique. No two patterns are alike, unless the items are part of our couples/doubles line and then we can promise that the pattern is exclusive to those two items.  In addition to unique patterns, we also search for the best materials. From glass pearls to semi-precious stones, each piece created at teuk ooten jewelry is a product from the thrill of design. 

Now that we have grown from limited orders to an internet store, we thank you for perusing our site and hope you will find something that captures your interest, but if not, drop us an email and let's discuss what teuk ooten jewelry can exclusively design for you.