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t e u k  o o t e n  j e w e l r y
handmade custom designs
created with care
From designing unique patterns to selecting the best materials,
teuk ooten jewelry delights in the process of providing the best for you. 

Click the links and pictures to see examples of our exclusive 
"Lace Beading Design" that transcends the practice of stringing beads.

Also, we are excited to present our own "Sphererings." A twist on the fashionable hoop earrings of yesteryear. Finally, an accessory that moves with you! 

uniquely designed to suit you
 Whether it's a single pendant necklace or a teuk ooten jewelry uniquely designed collection, be assured that every piece has been carefully created to become an heirloom in the future; but for today, it is one of a kind designed Just for You!


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